limited warranty & return policy

Last Updated: April 23, 2024

This Limited Warranty and Return Policy (“Policy”) constitutes part of the Terms of Use which governs your rights and obligations when you shop with us. This Policy is issued by rabbit inc. (“rabbit,” “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) to you, a consumer or other buyer who makes a purchase directly from us or from an authorized reseller (and includes a “gift recipient” (defined below) of a device or other product that we make or sell (the “Product”). This Policy only covers you, the original purchaser or original gift recipient, and this Policy, or any of its terms, cannot be assigned or transferred to any subsequent purchaser or user (and any attempt to do so is void), and this Policy, or any of its terms, is not valid for any rabbit products purchased from any source other than rabbit (via our website or any other way that rabbit allows you to purchase directly from rabbit) or a rabbit-authorized reseller. (For purposes of this Policy, a “gift recipient” is an individual who receives a new Product as a gift from the original purchaser. Proof of purchase of a covered Product, including order number for the applicable Product, may be required as a condition of coverage under this Policy.)


With respect to any permitted cancellations or returns, you agree and understand that a failure by you to follow the applicable procedure described below may result in our having to reject a requested cancellation, return, exchange, or refund.

Cancellation of Orders Prior to Shipment

  1. You may cancel your order and request a full refund of the Product at any time before shipment.
  2. Order Cancellation Request Process. To cancel your order prior to the shipment of the Product, contact the rabbit support team at After processing your cancellation request, we will notify you of your eligibility to receive a refund, and we will issue a refund via your original method of payment within ten (10) business days of our notice of your eligibility. Please realize that, during this process, you may need to submit certain additional information needed by us to process your request.

Returns & Refund/Exchange Request After Product Has Shipped (Applicable to US/Canada)

  1. Returns Within 30 Days of Shipping Date. If you are not completely satisfied with the Product, you can request to return the Product for a refund within thirty (30) days of the original shipping date to you. Please note that you may request a return only if your Product is in “like new” condition and in the original packaging.
  2. Return Request Process. To return a Product, contact the rabbit support team at to request a return merchandise authorization (RMA), which will include shipping instructions. All returns must be shipped in the original packaging, including all original accessories and packaging materials. Please note that, to receive the RMA, you will need to provide proof of purchase and any other relevant information we may need to process your return request. Once we have determined that your Product is covered by our Policy, we will send you the RMA and shipping instructions, and we will cover the U.S. domestic shipping costs.

    rabbit is not responsible for packages lost in transit without the RMA and/or proof of tracking.

  3. Refunds or Replacements. Once we have received your returned item, we will inspect the item to confirm it is eligible for return. If we determine the returned item is eligible, then we will email to notify you that you will receive a replacement item or a refund credited to the original payment method, depending upon whether you have requested a replacement or refund. Replacement items or refunds will be processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of the returned item.
  4. Returns for Broken, Defective, or Missing Products. In the unlikely event a Product you ordered is broken, defective, or missing upon delivery to you, you can request to return a Product for refund or exchange, but, if we determined that the damages were caused by you (including your improper use, neglect, or accident), we reserve the right, in our sole and final discretion, to refuse a replacement or refund or to reduce the refund amount (proportionate to the Product’s decrease in value due to the damages you caused).
  5. Ordinary Wear and Tear or Damages Caused by Your Improper Use or Accidents Not Covered. This Policy does not cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use, neglect or accidents, subject to the terms of rabbit’s Limited Hardware Warranty. If you return an item that is in damaged condition, has signs of abuse, or is not in like-new condition, we reserve the right, all in our sole and final discretion, to refuse a replacement or refund or to reduce the refund amount (proportionate to the Product’s decrease in value due to the damages you caused).

Returns & Refund/Exchange Request After Product Has Shipped (Applicable to EU/UK): 30-Day Refund for Unopened and Unused Goods; Right of Withdrawal

The following is rabbit’s policy regarding the return of a Product after it has shipped. (See below for Products covered by our limited warranty.)

  1. We offer a 30-day refund policy for an unopened and unused Product.
  2. For EU/UK customers only, you need to exercise the extra “Right of Withdrawal” within 14 days of the delivery to you of the Product by sending an email to with the information set forth below in the separate section regarding Right of Withdrawal. You will then have 14 days from the date you notified rabbit as indicated below of your exercise of the Right of Withdrawal to return the Product. If you attempt to notify rabbit of your exercise of the Right of Withdrawal after the initial 14-day withdrawal period, you will not be able to request a refund for any original delivery costs incurred by you and you will also be responsible to pay the direct cost of returning the Product to us at a designated address. For more detail, see section Right of Withdrawal.
  3. For all customers (including EU/UK customers who have not exercised their Right of Withdrawal as discussed above and below), there is a 30-day refund period for any Product commencing from the delivery date if the Product returned to us is unused and in like-new condition. You must request your 30-day refund of the Product by sending an email to Shipping costs of the Product are not eligible for refund, and you will also be responsible to pay the direct cost of returning the Product to us at a designated address. However, this 30-day refund policy does not apply to Products that reflect wear and tear or to any Product damaged or malfunctioning due to improper use. Depending on the condition of your returned Product, the amount of your refund may be reduced in proportion to the diminished value.

Right of Withdrawal (Applicable to EU/UK)

As set forth above, EU/UK customers have a “Right of Withdrawal.” The following is more detail concerning such Right of Withdrawal.

  1. You have a Right of Withdrawal with respect to your order for any Product for a 14-day withdrawal period that begins on the delivery date.
  2. To exercise the Right of Withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from your order by electronically filling out the Notice of Withdrawal Form and by emailing a copy to
  3. To meet the withdrawal deadline, you must exercise your Right of Withdrawal before the 14-day withdrawal period expires. Once you have timely notified us of your exercise of your Right of Withdrawal, you will then have 14 days from the date you notified us to return the Product.
  4. If you have properly exercised your Right of Withdrawal as set forth in this Policy and have timely returned the Product to our designated address in the same condition as it was delivered to you, we will reimburse to you all payments that we have received from you, including the original shipping fee (with the exception of any upgrading shipping fees that have been selected by you) no later than 14 days from the day on which we were notified of your decision to withdraw from your order. We will process the reimbursement using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the Product or until you have provided sufficient evidence of returning the Product to us, whichever is the earliest.
  5. You will be responsible to pay the direct cost of return shipment of the Product to our designated address, including but not limited to shipping charges and custom duties and other types of levies, if any.
  6. You agree and acknowledge that the Right of Withdrawal is not unlimited and shall not be applicable to the following:

    • A Product purchased by you with any customization or personalization;
    • A Product that exhibits or reflects normal wear and tear;
    • A Product not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons, or any Product that was unsealed after delivery;
    • Any other type of purchased items that are not covered by the Right of Withdrawal under any applicable laws and regulations.

Returns & Refund/Exchange Request After Product Has Shipped (Applicable to Other Territories)

As discussed above, this Policy applies only to Products purchased within the United States/Canada and EU/UK. If you are located outside of these territories and would like to request a return, please contact the rabbit support team at for assistance.


The following is rabbit’s limited warranty policy (the “Warranty”) in the unlikely event there are any defects in a Product.

  1. This Warranty covers defects in the Product for one (1) year or any statutory warranty period as provided under applicable laws, whichever is longer, commencing from the delivery date of the Product (“Warranty Period”). rabbit warrants that during the Warranty Period, the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and, under normal intended use, the Product will function substantially in accordance with Product documentation, instructions, or technical specifications.

  2. Please note that our Warranty does not cover the following:

    • Normal wear and tear;
    • Defects or malfunctions caused by use that is not in conformity with Product documentation, instructions, or technical specifications;
    • Damage or failure due to improper or abnormal use, accident, abuse, theft, vandalism, neglect, corrosion, collision, disasters (e.g., fire, rain, flood, wind, lightning, freezing or any other natural disasters or acts of God of any kind), discoloration of paint or plastic (or any other changes in cosmetic appearance that do not affect performance of the Product), electrical wiring, power reduction or fluctuation, power failure, introduction of foreign objects, exposure to fluids/liquids/moisture or extreme humidity, or modifications of any kind to the Product that are not expressly authorized by rabbit;
    • Commercial use of the Product (e.g., use for personal or financial gain or use for commercial exploitation);
    • Software and software functionality;
    • Any warranty that the use of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free;
    • Internet connectivity;
    • Data or content loss or any costs associated with data or content recovery;
    • Damage or loss of access as a result of termination or suspension of your account or any applicable subscription;
    • Damage caused by improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair;
    • Use of Product with parts or accessories from third parties, or with parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the Product;
    • A Product that has been resold or stolen, or that the Company reasonably believes to be resold, stolen, counterfeit, or purchased from an authorized reseller.
  3. When covered defects are determined by us to have been existing upon delivery of the applicable Product, we will, on a case-by-case basis, offer you the following option(s):

    • To repair or replace the Product without any additional charge; or
    • If we determine the repair or replacement becomes difficult or financially unreasonable for us, we may refund a portion of the price while allowing you to keep the Product, or refund your full payment for a return of the Product.
  4. In the case of refund of full payment of the Product, you must bear in mind that:

    • Warranty shall only be extended to the original purchaser who directly purchased the Product or to the original gift recipient;
    • A full refund to the original purchaser (including a gift recipient) will include the original shipping cost, excluding any upgraded shipping fees that may have been selected by the original purchaser;
    • rabbit may provide, in its sole discretion, a pre-paid return shipping label or it may choose to reimburse you for return shipping costs to the designated address;
    • A refund will be processed within 30 calendar days after we have received the Product at our designated address and have confirmed that the Product has a covered defect. The refund will be credited to your original payment method.
  5. Again, our Warranty applies only to defects that exist at the time of delivery. Thus, our Warranty is void if any of the following has occurred:

    • The firmware of the Product has been flashed or the Product is rooted (including being “jailbroken” or otherwise modified);
    • The body of the Product has been opened or any foreign objects have been introduced in an attempt to fix the Product;
    • Any parts of the Product have been modified, removed, customized, or swapped;
    • The Product has been used in a way that it is not originally intended to be used;
    • The Product is continued to be used once a fault or error has occurred and such use has caused more damage.
  6. You must adhere to the following process in order to claim a return for replacement of the Product or a refund of your payment:

    • Contact us by sending an email to that: identifies the Product by SKU number or order number, details the issue you have with the Product, details the steps you have taken to resolve the issue, and uploads or otherwise includes photos showing the problem with maximum size in the aggregate for the images of 10 MB;
    • Understand that additional proof such as a technical report from a third-party qualified testing lab may be required;
    • Understand that a prima facie assessment of whether or not the applicable Product has a covered defect will be conducted by us and will be based on the materials and information submitted by you;
    • If a covered defect is confirmed by us, a “return merchandise authorization” (RMA authorization) will be sent to you for you to return the Product to our designated address. Return of a Product will not be accepted without a prior RMA authorization issued by us.
    • Promptly after receiving the returned Product, technical inspection will be carried out onsite during which we will determine if any covered defect existed upon delivery.
    • In our sole discretion, we will determine the outcome of the refund request by taking into account factors such as the condition and value of the returned Product and the significance of the defect to the use and performance of the Product as intended.
  7. This Warranty does not apply to the following:

    • Any rabbit product won by you through part of an activity or competition (e.g. lottery drawing) on our platform or any of our promotional channels;
    • Any rabbit product provided to you as a gift unless you are a gift recipient as defined above;
    • Any rabbit product that has its serial number removed or defaced;
    • Any spare parts or accessories of a Product;
    • Any used or pre-owned rabbit product.